New Apprenticeships Elearning Courses

23rd October 2013

We’ve recently developed two elearning courses about apprenticeships. Our Apprenticeships for Employers is for managers considering the benefits of employing an apprentice, while Apprenticeships for Students has been designed to assist students who want to explore all their post-study options.

These complementary courses take learners on the journey of either employing an apprentice or becoming an apprentice. They will enable both employers and students to make the most of the vast opportunities on offer from apprenticeships in the current economic landscape.

Apprenticeships for Students provides a comprehensive overview of this topical subject including: the wide range of options available; selecting your best option, the benefits of an apprenticeship; frequently asked questions; tips for securing your place and what to expect on your first day.

Apprenticeships for Employers has been developed to support managers throughout the decision-making process and covers: a definition of apprenticeships; recruitment strategies; levels of apprenticeships; practical issues such as wages; understanding the role of apprenticeships in the current economic climate; the benefits of apprentices compared to new full-time employees.

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If you would like to find out more about either or both of these e-learning products please call us on 020 7936 9029

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