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30th June 2017

Ensuring your organisation is compliant with current regulations is critical for any organisation and not just businesses. This includes universities, the NHS, local authorities and many other public and private sector organisations.

That’s why we’ve revamped our ‘anti money laundering course‘ to appeal to a wider range of sectors. The training has been commissioned by a variety of UK and international companies, including Lloyds of London, Volkswagen and DMW Group, but increasingly by universities, charities and many other public sector organisations.

What is Money Laundering?

Money laundering helps criminals spend illegal funds by making incomes seem legitimate. Criminals couldn’t operate without it. But it’s just a problem for the banks, isn’t it?

In fact, every year hundreds of thousands of incidents are reported by ordinary businesses.

Here are the three stages that money launderers go through to conceal their criminal activity:

  1. Placement: Money launderers insert money into organisation
  2. Layering: Conceal the money’s origins by making multiple complex transactions
  3. Integration: Withdraw money that looks clean

Under the ‘Proceeds of Crime Act 2002′, you must report suspicions to the authorities to have a defense if criminal activities are discovered.

Otherwise, you personally could face fines and up to 14 years imprisonment if you violate legal requirements.

So ensure you know your customers and help manage the specific risks that apply to you, to reduce the money laundering risks faced by your organisation.

Anti Money Laundering Training

It has never been more important to run anti money laundering training and this has become one of our most frequently requested courses from a wide variety of sectors. We’ve created an ‘Anti Money Laundering Course‘ suitable for everyone, so you can make sure your organisation is compliant with current financial regulations.

This financial e-learning course is designed to improve learners understanding and awareness of money laundering, and the risks of committing an offence.

The course explains the basic requirements of the law in relation to your own internal policies and procedures to identify and deal with suspicious requests. The training also allows organisations to comply with current financial regulations training requirements.

Anti-Money Laundering is a highly interactive course with rich graphics and audio-visual content blending a variety of question-types to encourage learners to apply concepts to their daily work routine. An optional end-of-course test assesses learners on the level of knowledge they’ve retained.

Find out more about our Anti Money Laundering Training, orĀ  contact us today to discuss how we can help you to comply with current financial regulations training requirements.

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