20 Years of Mental Health Elearning

18th August 2022

I’ve chosen our 20th year anniversary at Marshalls to launch our product on mental health at work. When I started Marshalls it was with a need to find work that was meaningful for me and fun. I hope I’ve been able to create that environment for my colleagues along the way too.

What does it mean to have mental health problems? For one thing it doesn’t mean you necessarily meet a clinical diagnosis. It is just part of being a human being.

 Mental health is a continuum. We feel a range of different emotions. Our moods can fluctuate, going both up and down. This could involve a reaction to a negative event such as a bereavement, or it could be hormonal.

Feeling low as a result of things like this would not mean you have a condition or mentally ill, but would be a natural reaction to the ebb and flow of life, or to physical changes in our bodies.

And so how is this treated in the workplace? Is e-learning even an appropriate medium to use to support people with their mental health?

Everywhere we get ‘wellbeing’ advice, telling us to mind our diet, sleep and exercise, quite rightly too. But what about when we get stuck in self-destructive patterns of behaviour, what if we go through a period of time when we seem to not act in our best interests, even when friends and family point this out.

Therapy can help, whether one to one, or in groups. But for many people they are nervous about going to therapy, or do not know what it involves. So our new course is a gateway to the topic of mental health and helps people ‘check in with themselves..’  This course is one step on from standard wellbeing programmes but does not try to replicate the therapeutic process, but we hope it will debunk myths about mental health issues, raise awareness about therapy and encourage people to take up the help that is offered.

The programme was developed with Richard Smith, a chartered psychologist, a highly experienced therapist working privately and in the NHS.

Mental Health Awareness will be available from Marshall E-Learning from August 22

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