Diversity for Managers

This short video is about a manager’s responsibility to promote diversity, equality and inclusion. It is featured in our Diversity in Higher Education e-learning course, in the Diversity for Managers section. The video explains why it is important for managers to consider the topic of diversity in relation to how they manage since it is very likely that the team they manage will include a variety of people, who are different from the manager and other colleagues. This stresses the need for managers to adopt a varying approach and not a one-size-fits-all approach.

Our Diversity in Higher Education course covers a range of areas including; diversity on campus, diversity for managers, diversity in HE and the law around diversity. The course also uses many video scenarios, which allow users to experience a possible scenario and then choose a response in which they think is suitable. This actively engages users and gives them the opportunity to express their opinion, before being informed of the most suitable way to respond. Each scenario touches on a sensitive topic such as mental health, so provides excellent training of how to respond to these issues.

Discover the benefits

This course provides universities with the knowledge needed to understand a diverse workforce or diverse set of students, as well as informing them of a range of scenarios they could find themselves in. This learning is crucial for users to know how to respond even when difficult situations arise. Click here to find out more about our Diversity in Higher Education course.

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