Training Consultancy

Our team of associates are all trained to run classroom sessions to support Marshall E-Learning.

Topics we can train and consult on include:

Learning and Organisational Development

A robust, fully-functioning and up-to-date Learning and Organisational Development strategy provides a firm foundation for any organisation. This key area could mean the difference between your team merely keeping up with your competitors, or outstripping them as you tap into areas of potential you never knew you possessed.

Our team of expert consultants will help you work on such areas as staff training, organisational as well as individual learning and development, management support and career progression. The sessions will help your workforce forge a tighter bond, set common goals, and ensure that you are all in it together. For any organisation to work best it must be working to the peak of its collective abilities – Marshall E-Learning  will help you to achieve this.

Diversity, Inclusion and Culture Change

Our experience and expertise in respect of Diversity, Inclusion and Culture Change has helped to establish us as leaders in this field. Now we can draw on that expertise within a classroom setting and so provide you with bespoke, first-hand training that adheres strictly to the very latest equality and diversity legislation.

Maintaining an inclusive yet diverse culture requires strategic planning, leadership and focus. Our expert consultants will work with you to build just such a strategy, of course tailored to meet the needs of your organisation. They will help you ensure that all your employees understand the latest legislation, recognise the importance of diversity, and appreciate the need for cultural inclusion.

Training and Facilitation

Our associates will work closely with your staff in the areas of Training and Facilitation with the precise aim of bettering the performance of groups and nurturing a stronger team spirit throughout your organisation.

In this area, our team of experts will work with you to devise in-house training programmes that will actively involve all participants, draw up achievable plans, and bring a shared vision into focus. Whether directed at small groups, large teams or even perhaps cultures, our sessions will place an emphasis on honest conversations in order to achieve mutual understanding and collective growth.

Management and Leadership Development

Effective leadership and management is crucial for any organisation to succeed within a challenging and competitive environment. Leaders have a vital role to play not only in defining the visions and values of their organisation but also in communicating and implementing them to their workforce.

Through close working with our team of highly motivated and experienced associates, your senior staff will learn to maximise their management and leadership qualities, understand the need to act as role models, and fully embrace the responsibility that comes with their position. The effect of these sessions will be to trigger top-down gains for your entire organisation.

Organisational Design

Organisational Design can be defined as the process of reshaping an operation’s infrastructure and as such can be seen as cementing the very building blocks of the business.

Our team of specialist associates will help ensure that your infrastructure is fortified against anything a challenging market may care to throw at it. We will work with you to ensure it fully supports your business growth requirements and the needs of your staff, your clients, and your customers. Even if the design of your organisation is already strong, it pays to regularly review such areas as structure, strategy and human resources. These sessions will help to improve the overall effectiveness of your organisation.

Talent Management

The requirement to match human capital to the aims, ethos and aspirations of an organisation is essential in any market.

Our specialised team will work closely with your human resources department to help you recruit and train the very best from the talent pool. We will also review your talent management strategy to make sure it is clearly defined in respect of retaining, promoting and developing even your longest-standing employee. The benefits to your organisation will be felt in such critical areas as customer satisfaction, revenue, profitability and productivity.

Recruitment and Resourcing

Through strategic human resource planning, our team of associates will help you map out a system to maximise the key areas of recruitment and resourcing. We will assist you not only in recruiting the best, but also in identifying and deterring any unsuitable candidates. The course looks as well at unconscious bias and how this very natural human instinct can adversely affect the recruitment process.

The sessions do not stop at merely attracting and recruiting, however. Our team of expert consultants will discuss with you such areas as staff retention, development and reward – and so ensure success and contentment among your organisation’s entire workforce.

Thought Leadership

Thought leaders are those individuals or organisations who are recognised as authorities in their chosen fields. They are the go-to experts, the trusted sources, the leading lights. Thought Leadership, therefore, is one of the key ways of increasing demand for your product or service – while at the same time elevating the stature of your brand name.

Working alongside our team of associates, you will learn how to enhance and sustain your reputation as thought leaders and as a consequence fully reap the rewards of your deserved and hard-earned prestige.

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