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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion is at the heart of everything we do at Marshall, and runs through every training course, practice and procedure.

It’s been a fast and steady upwards rise since then. Our reputation has been built by consistently providing cost-effective training solutions quickly, but with no compromise on quality and integrity.

Since 2002 we’ve maintained our commitment to these high standards, establishing ourselves as the industry leader in our core topics, and continuing to grow and expand through dedicated research and planning.

Diversity training consultancy

An important aspect of our learning solutions service is our diversity learning consultancy, currently specialising in the new and challenging area of Unconscious Bias.

Unconscious Bias has been available as one of our suite of diversity e-learning courses, in a UK version and US version,  and several of our clients have expressed an interest in face-to-face Unconscious Bias training.

According to the Child Study Centre at Yale University, it is now an undisputed fact that we are all primed to make implicit errors in perception. And that those who actively deny being biased, harbour subtle, yet damaging stereotypes of which they are unaware.

Research from academic institutions across the world, including Harvard, Oxford, and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and best practice organisations such as McKinsey, Catalyst and The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development, (CIPD), strongly suggest the reality of unconscious bias, and importantly, its direct impact on key decision-making processes – in the workplace.

So developing a clear understanding of how to best manage our personal biases professionally, is imperative for creating discrimination-free, fair, inclusive, and commercially competitive organisations. That’s why we offer a variety of solutions including E-learning, workshops and classroom training, to ensure your organisation remains an inclusive and fair place of work. In addition to this we also run half-day taster sessions as well as  one-day on-site training courses hosted by Jude-Martin and Vernal, our diversity consultants. A two-day course is also available for participants with an identified coaching need.

This course is designed for employees and professionals seeking to gain insight into workplace behaviour, and to become more effective in their role.

It will be particularly beneficial for middle and senior managers with decision-making responsibilities that impact line management, talent management, strategy, policy and process development, and the overall people and organisational development function.


Did you know?

Our very first training course ‘Diversity in the Workplace’ was hailed in The Guardian Education Supplement in November 2004 as representing a test case for e-learning.

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