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About The Prevent Duty

On 1 July 2015, the new statutory obligation in the Counter Terrorism and Security Act 2015, the Prevent Duty, came in to force. This means that every university and Further Education college in the UK has a legal duty to “have due regard to the need to prevent people from being drawn into terrorism”.

The Prevent Duty places education on the frontline of supporting and safeguarding individuals from the influences of extremism and radicalisation.

This means that Higher Education and Further Education organisations need to ensure that they are in a position to recognise and deal with extremism and radicalisation.

How Universities and Colleges should respond to the Prevent Duty

Universities and Colleges need to do the following in order to make sure they are Prevent Duty compliant:

  1. Undertake risk assessments of their exposure to extremism and radicalisation
  2. Produce action plans to prevent and take action in this area
  3. Train relevant staff
  4. Have properly thought through procedures and policies including appropriate IT policies, and processes for managing risks for external speakers and events
  5. Build partnerships with other organisations working on Prevent.

There are a number of misgivings and misinformation about the impact of the Prevent Duty, including criminalisation of students, staff becoming spies or a quasi police force.

Any work on counteracting extremist views needs to be undertaken in the context of what is happening in society. Inclusion in and engagement with the society you live in is something that impacts on how you see your place in that society. Therefore working towards being inclusive whilst engaging people will be fundamental to identification of people who are already or potentially are at risk of becoming radicalised.

It is important that Higher Education and Further Education organisations include and engage their employees and students with the Prevent Duty not only for compliance reasons but also because it can improve the approach to protection of vulnerable people. There is now a statutory reason for organisations to take extremism and radicalisation into consideration when looking at their safeguarding provisions.

A consistent theme in the guidance is that of staff training even though the guidance is little touch in terms of risk mitigation it makes sense to train any staff that have student contact.

How prepared are organisations to deliver Prevent Duty training?

Whilst organisations have undertaken varying degrees of training in Prevent area not all staff have a good understanding of the new Prevent Duty.

In addition there will be a greater onus on providing evidence that staff have been trained and what they have been trained on.

Consequently organisations will need to record and monitor staff participation, as it is a clear expectation that staff will be trained. Organisations will be held to account with regard to the delivery of training for staff that clearly demonstrates compliance with the new duty.

Therefore any training that is offered should include effective monitoring capability if it does not when organisations are inspected or monitored it will become an onerous task to demonstrate training compliance.

How your university or college can become Prevent Duty compliant

Marshall E-learning’s course on the Prevent Duty deals with these matters by showing how universities and colleges through putting care of individuals as the main driver for prevention supports the creation of more inclusive, cohesive and safer campuses.

To make sure that your university or college is Prevent Duty compliant, view the Prevent Duty Training: Inclusive, Cohesive & Safe Campuses and Colleges, or set up a meeting with a Marshall E-Learning consultant using the contact form below.

Prevent Training: Helping to create an inclusive organisation

Our Inclusive, Cohesive & Safe Campuses and Colleges courses provide an excellent introduction or refresher in understanding the context, range and constituents in dealing with extremism and radicalisation in education. The importance of Prevent training in education cannot be overestimated – for organisations, students and employees.

It will also  support and provide evidence of implementation of the Prevent Duty having due regard to the prevention of extremism and radicalisation by focusing on the safeguarding of students and help identify any areas for improvement.

Our Prevent training course will enable your organisation to more effectively recognise, manage and implement practical responses to support your safeguarding work in relation to extremism and radicalisation. It will also provide evidence of having due regard to the prevention of extremism and radicalisation successes, and highlight areas for improvement.

Your learning outcomes

After completing this course learners will be able to:

  1. Explain and understand why it is important to embed concerns about radicalisation into safeguarding policies
  2. Explain and understand why it is necessary to support good campus/college relations between diverse communities with potentially conflicting world views
  3. Have an overview of challenges from extremism in UK HE/FE sector
  4. Explain how radicalisation and potential conflicts between different groups on campus or in colleges can be seen from a safeguarding perspective
  5. Understand the PREVENT agenda in the context of; its definition and focus, legal responsibilities (both institutional and individual), practical implications and requirements for sensitivity and cultural empathy
  6. Engage with the PREVENT agenda in a wider safeguarding context In addition, this course could help to introduce new perspectives to your existing and new work in areas connected with safeguarding, extremism and radicalisation

Course duration: This course will take 60 minutes to complete. Learners have the option to bookmark progress and complete the course in chunks should they wish.

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