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mobile learning ipadIntegrate learning anywhere, anytime

It may sound like the future, but it’s the present. Multi-device e-learning is the way forward.

Ownership of tablet devices is soaring. In a short time the likes of the Apple iPad (launched 2010), Amazon Kindle and the Google Nexus are fast-becoming the people’s choice for accessing the digital world.

Tablet devices are used to check email, browse the internet, take photos and video, listen to music and increasingly for e-learning too.

When career management consultancy 10-Eighty wanted an interactive learning experience for their clients’ smartphones they chose Marshall E-Learning. So we developed an interactive game Career Ladders to provide instant feedback and tips on your career.

So if you need an innovative learning solution for mobile devices please get in touch. We’d be happy to set you up with a demo.

HTML5 E-learning

The new language of the web, HTML5, is an excellent way to produce e-learning modules. It removes the dependency on flash so is compatible with all mobile devices as well as more traditional computers.

If your learners require multi-device e-learning we can develop modules to run on desktops, laptops and provide a highly interactive experience on tablet devices too.

Your e-learning course will include the same content across all devices, and will respond to the screen size. Plus there’s the added bonus of touchscreen functionality on tablets to provide your learners with an enhanced user experience.

If you want to find out more about our mobile e-learning, or see a demo, just complete the form below:

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