Mental Health at Work and Looking after Yourself

This mental health course places a strong focus on the individual in the workplace and how they can protect and manage their mental health. It explores how to develop resilience and provides some practical advice on how to look after mental wellbeing

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Mental Health – Supporting Others

This new course focuses on the importance of mental health in the workplace and how to ensure you are supporting others with mental health challenges. Despite increased media coverage there is still stigma in the workplace when it comes to talking about mental health, which this course aims to reduce.

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Identifying & Responding to Student Mental Health

Helping academics & staff members to identify at-risk students This course has been developed to furnish academic staff with the tools they need to respond to mental health challenges.

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Health and Safety

Keep your workplace safe and healthy We all have an important role to play to keep our workplaces safe and healthy. This e-learning course provides three core units: an Introduction to Health & Safety, Risk Management, and Fire Safety, with the option to add additional units such as Manual Handling and Workstations.

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Managing Positive Mental Wellbeing at Work

Supporting & promoting good mental health in the workplace This course is designed to help managers identify and correct the early indicators and causes of mental stress amongst employees.

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Display Screen Equipment

Stay safe at your screen One workplace hazard that is often overlooked is risk from the improper use of display screen equipment (DSE). It isn’t just a health hazard, it’s a legal issue too. This module has been developed to support organisations to comply with the Health and Safety (Display Screen Equipment) Regulations 1992.

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Stress Management

Minimise workplace stress & absenteeism, boost productivity Take positive action now, and your organisation will be better equipped to manage the pressures and stresses of the current difficult climate, which can help to boost productivity, too.

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