Marshall Elearning offers a wide range of International Online E-learning Training Courses including: Diversity in the Workplace U.S., Unconscious Bias for Students North America, Student Disclosure U.S. and Sexual Harassment U.S.

Unconscious Bias for Students – North American Version

Unconscious Bias Elearning Course - North American version, we explore what unconscious bias is, and look at forms of unconscious…

Diversity in the Workplace US version

The market leader in Diversity Elearning Course is adapted for US. Diversity in the Workplace is Marshall E-Learning's original elearning…

Sexual Harassment – US Version

Sexual Harassment Elearning Course will support organizations to provide a safe working environment where all staff are treated with dignity…

Diversity Training for Students – US Version

This Diversity Elearning Course for Students course is tailored to meet the mental, physical and emotional needs of students. Adapted…

Student Mental Health – US version

Mental Health Elearning Course focuses on helping academics & staff members to identify at-risk students and respond to Mental Health…

Student Disclosure – US Version

Sexual Harassment Elearning Course. The only online disclosure module developed in partnership with Rape Crisis in the UK. adapted for…

Diversity in the Workplace, Australia

Our latest Diversity Elearning Course Diversity in the Workplace Australia is a unique course for a uniquely diverse country.

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