Diversity Courses

Marshall Elearning offers a wide range of Equality and Diversity Online E-learning Training Courses including: Becoming and Inclusive Organisation, Disability Awareness, Micro Behaviours and Diversity in the Workplace.

Diversity and Inclusion 2022 Video Range

The future of e-learning is microlearning - it is quick, concise and flexible, and this new video range is perfect…

Insiders and Outsiders – how our micro-behaviours affect the workplace

Micro-behaviours are those tiny gestures, that almost imperceptible tone of voice, the glance or body language, those ‘throw-away’ comments -…

Unconscious Bias Training

Marshalls Unconscious Bias e-learning Course will help your employees to understand the implications of the natural biases we all hold.

Diversity in the Workplace

Market Leading, Diversity Training and Elearning Course. Equality Act 2010 Compliant, for Universities, Businesses and Third Sector Organisations.

Let’s Talk About Race In The Workplace

This Equality and Diversity Elearning Course takes learners on a constructively challenging exploration of systemic racism in organisations

Neurodiversity at Work

In this course we look at the basics of neurodiversity for managers and staff, so that you will be better…

Let’s Talk About Race In The Workplace – US Version

This Equality and Diversity eLearning Course takes learners on a constructively challenging exploration of systemic racism in organisations.


This Equality and Diversity Elearning Course will help learners to recognise different types of microaggressions and reflect on the impact…

Reporting a Racial Incident

Reporting a Racial Incident is part of an extensive range of Equality and Diversity Elearning Courses by diversity experts Marshall…

Research Excellence Framework – REF 2021

The Equality and Diversity Elearning Course helps to explain research outputs in relation to staff circumstances and explore this REF…

Becoming an Inclusive Organisation by Dan Robertson

This inclusive training course acts as the next stage after our introductory course on unconscious bias.

Disability Awareness

This Equality and Diversity Elearning Course provides a concise understanding of Disability Awareness for managers and staff.

Inclusive Recruitment

Our Inclusive Recruitment Elearning Course, developed with ENEI, will support your organisation to take the first step in creating an…

Inclusive Leadership

Our 10-minute video Inclusive Leadership Elearning Course with Dan Robertson defines 'inclusive leadership' and the potential challenges and benefits.

Unconscious Bias – US Version

We've adapted our popular Unconscious Bias e-learning course, Breaking Habits to enable organizations in the United States to challenge their…

Diversity in the Workplace US version

The market leader in Diversity Elearning Course is adapted for US. Diversity in the Workplace is Marshall E-Learning's original elearning…

Sexual Harassment – US Version

Sexual Harassment Elearning Course will support organizations to provide a safe working environment where all staff are treated with dignity…

Video e-learning: a diversity top-up

Equality and Diversity Elearning Course. Its 90% film-driven and contains a suite of engaging, amusing and thought-provoking video scenarios.

Diversity in the Workplace – Higher Education

This updated Diversity in the Workplace Elearning Course, includes brand new animations and videos illustrating the relevance of diversity awareness.

Recruitment in Higher Education

Recruitment and Selection Elearning Course. Getting the right kind of employees, with the right skills is an essential requirement for…

Inclusive Managers Toolkit

Inclusive Managers Toolkit Elearning Course will help you build an inclusive culture and ensure your managers are equipped to thrive…

Unconscious Bias for Students

Developed with the University of Edinburgh this Unconscious Bias Elearning Course was designed to enable their 37,000 students to be…

Sexual Harassment

This Sexual Harassment eLearning course will support organisations to provide a safe working environment where all staff are treated with…

Sexual Consent on Campus

This Sexual Harassment eLearning Course is one of 4 modules from our Student Welfare Suite and is tailored to meet…

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