Marshall E-Learning are the provider of compliance e-learning to Volkswagen Group, Lloyds of London and numerous universities. Our compliance e-learning grew from customer demand as clients found our technology so user friendly for tracking and auditing learning.

As always with Marshall E-Learning’s services, we stand out in the sector for tailoring our work. For example, a recent compliance e-learning project for a Marine Insurance company consisted of developing a suite of courses on:

  1. Bribery Act

  2. Information Security

  3. Data Protection

  4. Anti-Money Laundering

All the courses were developed in responsive design. Their photography was used throughout which also included company specific statements and the suite of compliance training worked on their smartphones, tablets and desktops.

For tailored compliance e-learning please contact us. All Marshall E-Learning products are updated so they always remain relevant with current legislation.


GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation

GDPR – General Data Protection Regulation – is one of the biggest changes in Data Protection legislation for 20 years, and it comes into effect on 25 May 2018. Our new resource will help to get your organisation GDPR-ready.

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Data Protection

Data Protection

The importance of data security & the new European-wide regulations This 30-minute Data Protection e-learning course explains why Data Security is so important, what the Data Protection Act (DPA) is, how organisations and individuals can comply with it and prepare for the new Europe-wide General Data Protection Regulation which replaces the DPA in 2017/18.

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Information Security

Information security – a big data issue This 20-minute resource on Information Security will enable learners to explain why this is such an important area, how the risks around information security can be reduced and how to act responsibly at work.

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Risk Management

Minimising risk in the workplace Some might say that we live in a world of risk. But we can minimise the impact that risk has on the workplace by effectively managing those risks. Businesses that minimise risk run more efficiently and have more productive employees.

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Knowledge Transfer

Moving ideas from their source to potential users Knowledge transfer is the term used to describe using academic research to advance businesses. New knowledge is often overlooked, languishing in obscurity with a painfully slow rate of uptake when it is finally noticed. This course, originally developed with the University of Surrey aims to redress this…

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Introduction to Financial Services

Introduce your learners to the intricate world of financial markets Our e-learning course describes how financial markets work, explaining how they affect our working and private lives, and also why they are important to your organisation.  

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Data Protection & Information Security

Keep up-to-speed on data, Freedom of Information & security issues With technological developments bringing far-reaching changes to the everyday workings of information management, this up-to-date programme provides learners with training on principles and practices relating to Data Protection and Information Security.

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Bribery Act 2010 – Updated

Our Bribery Act e-learning training course emerged from close collaboration with international legal practice SNR Denton. SNR Denton Partner, Richard Nicole said: “We were delighted to develop this comprehensive Bribery Act e-learning course with Marshall Elearning…

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Anti Money Laundering

Ensure your organisation is compliant with current financial regulations Make sure your organisation is compliant with current financial regulations. Developed with Lloyds of London, this financial e-learning course is designed to improve learners understanding and awareness of money laundering, and the risks of committing an offence.

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