Custom Online Induction Development

Our bespoke work requires the greatest investment which is time but ultimately clients get outstanding rewards… our work in custom online induction is our main offering from our bespoke division.

Recent online inductions have included:

  1. Developing a smartphone compatible online induction for Formica Group.

  2. Designing a responsive design e-learning induction for the University of London

We can provide bespoke work that ranges from trade extensions to knowledge transfer – it could include product simulation training that we provided for a Swedish company or training for educational institutions like the University of Surrey. Any topic can be turned into engaging e-learning when you collaborate with our hard working team of instructional designers, researchers and developers.

Induction Courses

Inductions are your organisation’s handshake with the new starter, so make it count. We offer a range of customisable induction courses as well as a fully bespoke offering, depending upon your budget and requirements.

Induction elearning

The process of onboarding a new starter and getting them up to speed can be time-consuming and costly to an organisation. That’s why at Marshall ACM we’ve developed a selection of induction courses to get staff members fully trained on the processes, policies and useful information to help them make a flying start.


  1. Interactive maps
  2. Video welcome

  3. Quizzes and Interactions

  4. Policy documents and procedures

  5. Timelines

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