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Advice on working from home

This course will develop your knowledge of working from home and provide you with the ability to continue working outside the traditional workplace with minimal complications. In recent times the need for staff to be equipped to work efficiently from home has become vital for businesses that wish to continue to run productively.


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When working from home, whether as a permanent remote worker or on a temporary basis, it is important to know how you can maintain the same productivity levels as you would in the workplace.

The course covers the opportunities for changing where you work but also how to continue with your usual work routines and other behaviours at home, as you would in the workplace. When working from home you there are far more distractions than in the workplace, so you need to be aware of how to present yourself for online meetings and how to choose a suitable place to work.

After taking this course, learners should be able to understand:

  • How to maintain productivity
  • The importance of routine
  • How to create a suitable workspace
  • How to maintain a work/life balance.

This module is also part of our Lockdown Toolkit which combines several courses in a single training package on remote working.

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