Wellbeing for all when managing virtual teams

Wellbeing needs

You and each of your team members have different wellbeing needs. In this ‘Wellbeing for all’ course we explain how this is not a ‘nice to have’ but a ‘must have’, a vital aspect of your duty of care as an organisation and a manager.


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You have to take care of yourself too, but what does that mean in the current situation we all find ourselves in?

The course largely covers the pillars of wellbeing; Physical, Emotional, Social and Financial.

Physical – looking after your body through exercise, healthy habits and setting the right example.

Emotional – managing emotions using the RAIN method, training the user on what they can and cannot control and discussing how managers can care for others through acted-out scenarios.

Social – consider the ways to ensure work retains the social element staff are accustomed to.

Financial – the importance of addressing any fears your team may have about the financial situation

This isn’t a simple topic, and it warranted a whole module in itself. Please get in touch to view our tutorial to help you in these challenging times.

This module is also part of our Lockdown Toolkit which combines several courses in a single training package on remote working.

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