PABLO – Performance Appraisal Tool

A different approach to performance

Common currency in HR is: “The performance appraisal is dead”. Our new online performance review tool – PABLO – jointly developed with Edinburgh Zoo, is about much more than appraisal. We think it’s time to think differently about performance.


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PABLO sparks career conversations

Performance management can support managers and employees to have career conversations – a recognised route for retaining talented and productive staff. PABLO give you the infrastructure to discuss and record targets, behaviours, L&D needs and departmental direction, which helps to optimise employee abilities, encourage the development of new skills and support higher levels of employee engagement.

Manage performance online

We’ve built PABLO to support self-driven performance. Employees set the agenda: draft their objectives, identify their behaviours and consider their learning & development needs.

Clarify & define standards

PABLO gives managers and employees the opportunity to clarify and jointly define standards of work providing focus and direction.

Light touch performance management

Performance reviews don’t have to be lengthy affairs, in fact, younger social media savvy employees usually prefer regular and bite-sized feedback. And employees respond to performance with clear links to rewards and promotion.

The tools for transparency

It’s important to follow-through, talk candidly, and routinely discuss areas of improvement or success. PABLO contains all the tools you need to ensure performance reviews really make a difference. There’s no hidden agenda and no surprises. It’s completely transparent.

Easy to use

The beauty of PABLO is its simplicity compared to other performance management systems. Its quick to get started too. From the dashboard:

  • HR staff can add new users
  • employees can draft their objectives, identify their behaviours, consider their L&D needs at the start of the year
  • managers can review their teams’ objectives, behaviours & learning & development needs.

Puts you in the driving seat

PABLO allows employees to design their performance journey which means the performance review is a dialogue, not a top-down conversation. The employee is in full control and can focus on their needs, not on what they think they need to do.

Always on the right track

From Day One line managers can check the objectives, behaviours and L&D needs drafted by their team members using PABLO to ensure they’re aligned with organisational and departmental objectives. You can start the performance cycle at any point in the annual cycle, and scale objectives accordingly.

Career aspirations

Employees can record their career aspirations, while managers and employees can jointly consider what’s required to support career development.

A hard copy free zone

As PABLO is available online it can replace cumbersome paper-based performance review systems (many persist, even in this electronic age). You can log on securely at any time to access the information you need.

Create a visual CV

Employees can create a visual CV with My Career Path and in My Area, they can add research papers, publication and record CPD-related activity or positive feedback in emails, even social media posts.

PABLO… in a nutshell

  • Light touch performance review
  • Supports the induction process
  • Enables clear and straightforward objective setting
  • Easy for managers & employees to review objectives and consider L&D needs
  • Allows evaluation of performance and preparation for the next cycle
  • Employees & managers can explore behaviours to support organisational values
  • Can incorporate all e-learning courses
  • Online tool making it ideal for multi-site organisations

Supporting animal conservation

If you use PABLO to support self-driven performance at your organisation you’re also supporting the conservation work of The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, at Edinburgh Zoo and The Highland Wildlife Park.

Get in touch

Want to find out how PABLO could support career conversations and employee development? Please get in touch for a chat.

David Marshall at Marshall Elearning – Tel: 0845 123 3909 Email:
Colin Grethe at theGURUgarage- Tel: 0788 941 0904 Email:

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