Mental Health – Supporting Others

This new course focuses on the importance of mental health in the workplace and how to ensure you are supporting others with mental health challenges. Despite increased media coverage there is still stigma in the workplace when it comes to talking about mental health, which this course aims to reduce.


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A workplace with no opportunities to have conversations about mental health and with no plans of action for those who have mental health issues, can be a huge problem both for individual employees as well as for the organisation as a whole. This course will cover spotting the early warning signs; how to have safe and supportive conversations about mental health; and the benefits of wellness action plans..

From taking this course users will understand:

  • Impacts of a toxic workplace on mental health
  • How to create a respectful work environment
  • Benefits of talking about mental health
  • Early warning signs of mental health issues
  • How to start the conversation when someone may have an issue
  • The conversation – how to support others
  • Wellness action plans
  • What employers can do to protect the mental health of their employees
  • Resilient teams
  • Helping others to keep a healthy perspective about our work and concerns.

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