Managing Remote teams

Knowledge for Managers or Team Leaders

This course was developed to provide managers or team leaders with the knowledge of how to effectively manage remote teams. Many of the core management skills remain the same, albeit in a different format, when working remotely, so this course informs learners with the best ways to continue management with staff located outside of the workplace.


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The course is split up into five key areas:

  • Clarity expectations
  • Becoming more goal-orientated
  • Focusing on quality
  • Building communication efficiently
  • The importance of trusting people

These five core areas are vital for managers who are working remotely with teams when trust and communication are at the forefront of effective working. This approach holds true for every delegated task as well as team meetings and helps to provide clarity for staff and the manager.

Whilst many management techniques do not change when you manage workers remotely, a lot of adjustments need to made to ensure all remote workers are on the same page, their workload is manageable and everyone can work at a different pace.

The course uses video scenarios with actors and demonstrates how teams can be managed remotely through online meetings and shows the differences between poor and effective management.

This module is also part of our Lockdown Toolkit which combines several courses in a single training package on remote working.

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