Inclusive Recruitment

Finding staff with the skills and abilities your organisation needs is essential if you want to meet and exceed your stakeholders’ expectations. Adopting inclusive recruitment practices will help to bring your organisation closer to achieving this goal.


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Minimising discrimination and offering equality of opportunity to all applicants can make a huge impact on closing the gender pay gap and help to attract top quality staff too.

Despite the strides taken on equal pay over the last 5 decades, gender pay gap figures reported by UK companies with 250+ employees in 2018 tell us that 8 out of 10 companies pay men more than women, demonstrating the distance we are from genuine gender pay equality.

This Inclusive Recruitment training course is the first in our suite of inclusive workplace modules and it explores:

  • recruiting within the law
  • unconscious bias and recruitment
  • inclusive recruitment practices
  • mitigating gender bias

Other inclusive workplace modules include:

Who is the course for?

Any organisation serious about addressing gender pay gaps, adopting inclusive recruitment practices and reducing gender bias and other forms of bias.


Who has used this course?

We have designed tailor-made inclusive recruitment courses for other organisations including Morrisons, Linklaters LLP and The British Council.

Blended Learning delivery

Marshalls have their own consultancy team who can deliver training and consultancy in person for clients.

Many clients use our e-learning for information delivery prior to a workshop and facilitators tell us this supports far more productive sessions. We update our e-learning modules so the online resource keeps participants updated long after the consultancy ends.

We work in partnership with our clients and having worked in diversity and inclusion since 2002 can advise you on the best consultants to work with on any given project.

Our daily rates are favourable, compared to sourcing these skills in the open market. Please talk to us as numerous clients have worked in partnership with us for over 10 years on diversity and inclusion.

Accessible versions

All Marshall E-Learning courses are available as an audio podcast or print workbook, enabling learners to choose the format that suits their learning needs.

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