Renfrewshire Council Corporate Services

17th February 2012

‘When Marshall ACM commit…they do it’

“The Public Sector Diversity e-learning course (for managers) and Diversity in the Workplace?? Local Government (for all employees) courses which our Council purchased from Marshall ACM was designed in partnership with a number of other local authorities across the West of Scotland and was specifically tailored by Marshalls ACM to suit the needs of employees across these Councils.

These e-learning courses support our traditional classroom style equality training and raises awareness and understanding of the varied issues within equality and diversity in the workplace. This training also aims to make equality and diversity a central theme in all employees work areas.

Marshalls ACM have been flexible in terms of customising these package for us, have provided quick responses to any queries or issues raised and have recently supported and sponsored our Council’s “Equality Awareness Week”. When Marshall ACM commit to doing something for you, they do it. Having worked with them for over 2 years now, I would not hesitate to recommend them.”

Raymond Cree
Senior HR Adviser (Workforce Planning & Equality)
Renfrewshire Council Corporate Services

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