New Diversity Inclusion Videos

15th January 2018

As’?diversity and inclusion elearning‘?experts, Marshall are excited to present a new video series focussed on diversity and inclusion scenarios.

Here is the first in the series, looking at’?Workplace Bullying.

Workplace Bullying is a??severe social stressor’?? and can have an effect on the victim’??s metabolism, appetite and weight in ways that make diabetes more likely.

Understanding the wider health impacts of workplace stress is particularly important as a report earlier this year showed’?a third of UK workers are experiencing anxiety, depression or stress.

So what is workplace bullying, what are the signs of workplace bullying and who can bullying in the workplace be mitigated?

Take a look at the video below and let us know what you think:

We’??d be delighted to get your feedback on these new videos on diversity and inclusion, or you can see other examples in our’?video section.

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