Equality and Diversity App

24th May 2013

Diversity in the Workplace goes mobile

Designed to complement our popular Diversity in the Workplace e-learning course our new equality and diversity app is the perfect learning solution for your time-conscious staff.

Our clients tell us that staff and students feel under greater time pressure, so engagement and accessibility are key for successful compliance training.

Using our app users can get a solid overview of The Equality Act but but don’t need an internet connection or wi-fi to do so, and as the content has been written with an engaging peer-to-peer voice we think this app is an exciting supplement to our existing suite of diversity training courses.

Learn any time, any place

This app gives users the opportunity to learn on the move between home and the office, in fact any time, any place, as the app can be used offline.

We’ve overcome the challenge of mobile learning – how to articulate mobile learning and e-learning seamlessly – so the learning experience remains coherent and fluid for your staff and we’re very pleased with the results. We think you will be too.

The benefits of mobile learning

There are many benefits to delivering learning and support via mobile devices. These include:

  • Access to learning anytime, anywhere and on any journey saving users valuable time
  • An excellent and familiar way to inform staff about new legislation updates
  • An enriched blended learning experience as our app contains gamification elements for informal learning which encourages even more user interaction, resulting in deeper engagement and increased knowledge retention
  • It can be used on range of mobile devices.

Try out our new app today

We had great feedback from our clients at our recent London User Group‘ and we’re currently working with University of Durham on the first early release.

If you’re curious to see the next generation of diversity training tools please call us on 020 7936 9029 for a free demo

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