Our New Elearning LMS Portal

20th October 2011

During these difficult economic times, our education clients still need to demonstrate clear compliance on a number of key topics such as equality and diversity, safeguarding, health and safety and data protection.

So Marshall ACM’s new elearning online LMS (Learning Management System) portal, regularly updated to ensure all legal information is bang up-to-date, takes the heat off scaled back in-house training budgets and raises the profile of staff development.

Chief Executive David Marshall explains, “Four colleges have now adopted our e-learning training portal for every one of their staff. We tailored our portal to reflect the ethos of each college, and by implementing college branding and policies into our training package, staff could see that their e-learning courses were relevant and meaningful to them.

“As our online portal places an institution’s training needs into one online package, it is simple to manage and it is kind to training budgets too. As institutions are looking for more value for money, they are relying more on e-learning to provide compliance in a challenging financial climate.”

As well as having the option to store existing training courses on the portal, the training system allows for both individual and organisation-wide training, reducing the need for day-long training courses and the reliance on outside consultants who can charge over the odds for their services.

“The reality is that colleges can no longer afford the cost of outside consultants,” Marshall said. “Many have tried to hire in e-learning managers but they do not have the content expertise and if they leave, the college is left with a system they do not know how to manage.

“Our training portal, could enable colleges to make significant savings in consultancy and IT infrastructure costs. We train staff to use everything themselves too, so ultimately, they are not dependent on us, although we are always there for additional support.”

We’re currently working with a large college group in South East England to implement a student induction version of the e-learning training portal across their college multi-sites.

The e-learning training portal is available for UK-wide college use from October 2011.

If you want to find out more about Marshall ACM’s e-learning portal for colleges please get in touch.

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